Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Reason for the Season

Today, in the midst of all the Christmas errands and house cleaning I had planned on my day off, I got to spend a lovely relaxing morning catching up with a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile.  As a bonus, I also got to catch up on the life of her sweet baby boy.  I know I just said this a month ago (and again, I have nothing original to say) but the more friends I have who have become parents, the more acutely aware I have become of time passing since I now have something to measure it against.  I knew it had been awhile since Lauren and I had caught up, but knowing Jeffery was almost 6 months and I had last seen him at 3 months was mind-boggling to me. But anyways, the point is not how long it’s been since I’d seen her but how wonderful it is to have a friend like that who you can just comfortably slip into conversation – even when life has changed so much – and just pick right back up where you left off and have easily spent an entire day in the little corner of a coffee shop chatting.

Okay, chatting and doting on this little guy.  Can you stand it?


He is just the sweetest.


It was a peaceful moment in the midst of a busy month, but a perfect reminder of what December really is about: time for fellowship and reflection.  And babies dressed in Santa shirts with red suspenders. 


Anonymous said...

His cheeks make me want a baby. Help.

Anonymous said...

What a SWEET little baby!!!