Thursday, December 29, 2011

380 Miles to Music City





380 miles to Music City.  We arrived, got settled in to our hotel and headed in to downtown for dinner and the pre-game Wake Forest event at the Country Music Hall of Fame.  There was, appropriately, music at every venue – at dinner and in multiple locations throughout the museum.  My favorite thought was a group of 4 Wake Forest alum that had had in a sequestered little part of the museum, each one of them an aspiring singer-songwriter.  (From my understanding, they weren’t a quartet – just 4 individual alums who lived in Nashville and were trying to break into the music scene.)  Each of them took turns playing a few songs and they played a few together.  After the event at the music hall of fame, we stopped off for some quick dessert and turned in for the night to get ready for a big day of cheering on the Deacons!  

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