Friday, December 2, 2011

Faux Ceramic Thanksgiving Gourds

Since I’m on the topic of being crafty, I thought I’d blog about a project I did last year.  Yes, last year.  Am I the only person who keeps pictures in a folder called “To Be Blogged” and has things in there that are over a year old?  (Sorry, deserted recipe blog…)

But, it’s actually relevant… because I crafted these last year but I didn’t get to use them until this year.  And, bonus points, I did this before Pinterest even EXISTED.  That means I actually used my own creative powers, instead of copying someone else’s!  (Just kidding, I’m quite sure I probably saw this idea on someone else’s blog first.)

It started with seeing some ceramic vegetables on a Thanksgiving table – probably from Pottery Barn – and thinking to myself (yet again), “I can make those!”

And, hurrah, I did!

This time I was at Hobby Lobby after Thanksgiving, so I scored all these little foam gourds for just 50 cents each!


A little white spray paint….


And I had my faux-ceramic gourds!




These have been sitting the garage since last November and it has been driving Matt CRAZY.  He has cleaned out and reorganized the garage at least four times since last year, and every time he asks me if he can throw them out because I hadn’t used them yet.  I swear, if they didn’t make it on to this year’s Thanksgiving table I would have been in hot water for having them clutter up his garage shelves all year!

Fortunately, they fit right in with what I was envisioning for my Thanksgiving table this year. 



I love my little gourds!  And that’s not just the spray paint talking…

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Allison the Meep said...

Very nice!! And for realsies, I had no idea that we have a Hob Lob here in W-S! Where is it?