Monday, June 20, 2011

30,000 Feet

Whenever Matt and I fly home, I always have the window seat –by virtue of being about 10 inches shorter than him, it’s been determined he could use the extra legroom.  I never mind: I love looking out airplane windows. I love seeing the Earth from above, like my own little version of a Google Map Satellite view.  I love seeing the land below change shapes and colors, and my favorite thing to do as I fly into Rochester is to pick out the Erie Canal and the Interstate Highway and try to find my house.  I never have, although I’ve found my high school, my elementary school and our downtown village plenty of times.

This time flying back from Rochester to Greensboro, we had a connection in La Guardia.  The plane we were on was the definition of puddle jumper, and we flew lower than I ever have in my life.  I’m not kidding when I say I had my face pressed to the window (okay I am kidding – it’s kind of gross, airplane windows, right?)… but I couldn’t take my eyes off the ground.  It was amazing to watch the topography of my home state change: from the suburban sprawl of Rochester, to the easily-picked out Finger Lakes surrounded by farmlands, to the rough bumps of the Catskills and the finally to the condensed urban landscape surrounding New York City. 

It was almost a surreal experience, and I couldn’t stop taking pictures out my window as if I could preserve the experience forever.  I know it’s cliché, but when I’m looking at the world from above, I can’t help but realize just how big and small the world is, all at the same time.  Momentarily, I remember that we’re all in this together.




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