Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Funday

It may not sound like much fun, but today I did something that desperately needed to be done: I washed my car.

After a trip back up and down the mountains, toting around people who had been hiking and bouldering, and endless travels with my doggy in my backseat my car needed some TLC like nobody’s business.  I usually take it to one of those places where you turn the keys over and go sit in a nice air conditioned room and in 15 minutes, you have a lovely clean car, but it was such a nice day out I decided to tackle it myself.


I think my husband nearly fell over in shock when he called from work and heard what I was doing.  I’m not exactly known for keeping my car clean… but when you drive a dog around four or five times a week, it’s tough to keep it up.  Matt has told me my next car will be an old CJ Jeep with a plug in the floor that we can just turn the hose on and clean off.


Little does he know I BEGGED my Dad for this car in high school.  My dad told me I would roll it.

What’s up with the men in my life and their absolute faith in my ability to take care of a car?


Usually Buddy wants to be where ever I am.  But today it was so hot, he contented himself with having his body inside with the air conditioning and his head where he could see me.  Oh, Budster.


And this is sadly the first little bit of sun I’ve gotten all summer.  I tried to make sure I didn’t get any funky tan lines since I’m going to be a bridesmaid for my sister in 2 week!

Made that mistake once…

Tim and Emily Wedding May 31 08 107

The rest of my weekend was filled with the usual: laundry, planning our meals for the week, getting caught up on emails… so it was a nice change of pace to do something outside for a change of pace.  Even if it was so sweltering hot, I had to be a little redneck and drink out of the hose.  (Is that even safe?  Please don’t tell me if it’s totally gross, I’d rather not know.)

I just love the summer weekends.

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Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

OMG, Please do NOT drink out of the hose. I won't go into why not, or the reasons why I know this, but trust me when I tell you, "No, it is NOT safe." K? Thnx. Whew.