Friday, June 17, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

You know you’re in trouble when you get weepy at the wedding rehearsal, right?

I just can’t believe my baby sis is getting married.  In my mind, she’s still the 11 year old pretending to be Dominique Moceanu in our backyard, doing back handsprings in the grass and landing with a perfect stick and a smile full of braces. 

Now, she’s standing up in front of the Judge, one of my Dad’s best friends from college, holding the hands of her fiancé, looking in his eyes and practicing their vows.  (Stop saying them out loud!  I’m already crying!)

I am so happy to be witness to this marriage.  You know, when you just know that two people found each other on purpose? 


The groom & bride to be!


The groomsmen


And the bridesmaids…


And a gratuitous Oak Hill shot just to keep for your viewing pleasure.

After practicing their yes-we-do’s, the bridal party and out of town guests filed into our family’s backyard for a casual barbecue (Dinosaur BBQ!) dinner and to officially kick off the weekend of celebrating these two.




The décor was done by Katie’s wedding planner/our good family friend, Meredith.  Meredith’s the daughter of my Dad’s childhood best friend, and we have literally know her & her sister, Lauren, since birth.  The centerpieces were put together by Dylan’s sister, Lindsay.


The beverages traveled all the way from Wisconsin!


The party in full swing…


A mix of Katie’s high school friends & both their college friends…


With two very handsome men – my husband & my brother!

(My brother is single and I can almost guarantee does not read my blog…. so email me if you would like to be set up with a very smart, very funny, musical, handsome guy who is extremely terrible at returning emails and texts.)

(Ya like that Mom?  Think it’ll work?)


My dad giving his toast roast.


Laughing on the outside, probably crying on the inside. 


Ready to bring these 2 families together!

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