Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dad!

It just so happened that the day we arrived in Pittsford for Katie’s wedding was my Dad’s 60th birthday!  Having a birthday so close to Father’s Day has sometimes meant my Dad gets a little short changed on the birthday celebrations – I mean, who wouldn’t be tempted to take the card you’ve given him on his birthday, use a little white out and voila… Father’s Day card?!

Kidding.  Totally not allowed in the Claffey household.  We respect all major holidays. 

But really, it was so nice to get to be home on my Dad’s birthday, and a monumental one at that, to make him feel extra special.  We had debated various versions of the perfect Dad Claffey Birthday Celebration… ideas were tossed around about restaurants to go to or events to do, people to invite, until finally it was decided that my Dad’s ideal birthday celebration would be: steaks & clams on the grill, cold beers in the fridge and the US Open on TV.  As a bonus, he would be allowed to go to bed as early as he would like.

We were right on the money: this at-home, with just his family seemed to suit him just right.

Happy Birthday, Dad.  You’ve made 60 look good.





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