Friday, December 28, 2012

Five Months

Bowen :: Five Months Old

Weight: 16 lbs, 8 oz, still holding camp in the middle of the percentile chart. He is SO roly-poly, I'm always surprised that he's right around the 50th percentile. He is all chub. Nom. He's squarely in the 3-6's onesies and 6 mo sleepers.

Eats: He is still doing 6 oz, 5 times a day. He eats anywhere from every 3 hours to 4 hours, with a 11 or 12 hour stretch overnight. This month we added solids in, and he LOVES them. He eats oatmeal and a veggie in the morning, and then oatmeal mixed with fruit and a side veggie in the afternoon.

Sleeps: Sleeping soundly in the crib at night (happy dance!). He's been going down between 7:00 and 7:30 and sleeps anywhere from 5:30 (yawn) to 7:00 (yay!). When he does get up before 6:00, he'll usually go back down for a little more sleep til 7. He takes a short catnap in the crib in the morning (45-60 minutes), a long nap in the swing in the middle of the day (2-3 hours), occasionally naps in the car seat or crib in the afternoon (30-40 minutes) and a little catnap in the evening (45 minutes.) His crib naps are definitely shorter than his swing nap, but at least he is napping in the crib now.

Hair: Blonde, growing in on top, baldish on the back thanks to his new favorite party trick - shaking his head "no no no no no" in the crib when he's overtired.

Eyes: Deliciously blue. Tracks everything - Matt, me, Buddy, the bottle, toys. He is mesmerized by the TV - we try to limit how much it's on when he's in the room because he'll become totally fixated on it.

Nicknames: Bo, Bowie, Biscuit, Shrimp Biscuit, Kiddo Biscuit, Biskie

Milestones: Remember when he was rolling over last month? Yeah, he totally stopped. I guess he decided it just wasn't worth the effort. He's pretty close to make a back-to-tummy roll but hasn't quite gotten there (I think the tummy is in the way.) He has become very intentional about grabbing things and pulling them towards him, and this has opened up a whole new world of toys. His hand sucking has now turned into thumb sucking, so I'll be saving for braces starting now. (Completely dropped the paci on his own.) He has great neck control and doesn't love tummy time, but will tolerate it. No babbling yet, but makes "ahhhhhooooo" noises and lots of happy coo's and shrieks, especially when he's lying on his back under the activity mat or when someone leans over him and he can pat their face (or pull their hair.) He loves to be held up in laps in a standing position and furiously stops his little feet when he's upright. If he's seated at a table, he bangs his (left) hand on the table. Noise noise noise! He’ll sit up with support and I think he is loving this different view of the world.

First: First meal of solids - oatmeal, sweet potatoes, carrots, pears, bananas, peas. All favorably received except the peas. He'll eat them but the enthusiasm is lacking. First Christmas! I think this was more for the grandparents than him. :) First overnight in the pack n play. First time having a friend sleepover at his house (Shelby's son, John. He shared nicely.)

Likes: Pulling hair, sliming cheeks with an open mouth kiss, sweet potatoes, slamming his feet down in the crib (it's noisy), swing naps, dancing to my off-key singing, grabbing Buddy's ears, putting toys in his mouth, any kind of toy with a face, rocking his exersaucer, sneaking glances at the TV, splashing in the bath

Dislikes: peas, shirts going over his head, being tired, accidentally head butting people in the midst of a carefree wiggle session

I think I say this every month but this really has been such a fun month. I always mourn the passing of stages - such as the end of the "falling asleep snuggled on my chest" or "falling asleep in the car seat in a restaurant" stage, but each month does indeed keep getting better and better. His personality is just blossoming, and he is just such a happy baby. He is so generous with his smiles and loves to stand in anyone's lap and entertain them with his display of stomps, facial expressions, noises and waving hands. He's started wiggling to the sound of music and has become very interested in Buddy. (Poor Spuds.) I just feel really, really lucky to be this little boy's mom.

Happy five month birthday, little boy! You are so adored.







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