Monday, December 3, 2012

(Feels Like) Christmas in July

It was 72 today on this first Monday in December. I can’t decide if this is just “life in the South” or a byproduct of global warming. Right now though, I’m just enjoying the fact that we can still sneak out for some long walks in the stroller and tummy time in the park. We met my friend Kim and her little girl for a walk in Old Salem today, not considering what cobblestone roads would be like with strollers. Bo didn’t seem to mind – in fact, I think the vibrations sent him right into La La Land. He was in such a good mood when we finished walking that I threw a blanket on the ground and we did some tummy time right there in the big green space in the middle of Old Salem. Such a weird thing to see all the evergreen and Moravian stars and candles in the window indicating that it’s Christmas time – and then be outside in shorts and t-shirt! Somehow I don’t think we’ll be having a white Christmas this year…

(I don’t usually get to shoot outside in natural light so I had a bit of a field day snapping his picture in the perfect afternoon sun.)






Bari said...

Great pictures and YEAH for getting outside on such a nice day! It's snowing pretty hard here today.

Jamie said...

Oh, Bo is just such a stud! And the natural light is just so amazing to capture babies' angelic complexion. He seemed to enjoy his field trip for tummy time too!

Lindsay Collins said...

Little baby Bo is so beautiful! (yes you can call baby boys beautiful... it's allowed, I checked)