Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I want every day to be Halloween just so I have a reason to put my baby in a monkey suit. This is the very best thing I have ever laid eyes on.

Bo tolerated the costume surprisingly well, although we didn't have it on very long. Just long enough to do a little Halloween photo shoot. We went over to Anne and Locke's house to help pass out candy since their neighborhood gets super busy, and the monkey suit never quite made it back on. So Bo wore a costume for a good fifteen minutes and I ate my fair share of miniature candy bars which means I think we can deem his first Halloween a success.

And I can't let a Halloween post go by without of course mentioning the other important holiday on this very last day of October... Happy Birthday to my sister, Katie!

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k. said...

I'm going to say that he's as cute (if not cuter?!) than my sweet little Q was at that age, & I think he was one of the sweetest babies out there. Of course.

But really. His cheeks! The cutest little monkey.