Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stephanie's Swan Song

Last night was the final class that would be taught by our wonderful dance trance instructor, and the woman responsible for bringing DT back to Winston-Salem, Stephanie. I already waxed on and on about how much I love dance trance here and here, so I'll refrain from repeating myself... Plus it's safe to say anyone who follows me on Facebook or Twitter knows that I'm a teeny bit obsessed with it.

This is really more about Stephanie though, and saying good-bye to her. I've never participated in an exercise class before that became more of a community and I've never had a group ex leader who has become a friend. That speaks to the kind of person Steph is and the impact she's made on the community at our YMCA. She brought a class that very few people had ever heard of, is not exactly easy to jump right in and pick up, and turned it into a 5-time a week, packed-room class. I'm excited for her that she and her husband are headed back to Florida, where her family lives and where she will be pursuing her dream to get her Master's but we will certainly miss her.

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