Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Sometimes things just go your way.

My mom arrived yesterday to baby-sit Bo while we go to Memphis this weekend (ahhh) and asked me if I had anything I wanted to go out and do this morning to take a little break.

So, I decided to treat myself to a little gel mani…

And on the way, I stopped at Starbucks for my new favorite drink (nonfat chai latte with 2 pumps pumpkin spice) (which gives me anxiety to order because of the pumps pumpkin) (but I do it anyways because it’s so good.) I was trying to pay for my drink with my Passbook and the guy couldn’t get it to scan… so he eventually just decided to give it to me for free.

Free beverage? An hour to myself to get a mani? Morning is off to a pretty good start.


On my way home, I decided to run into Harris Teeter to grab a few things for my mom while she was baby-sitting. Since I’m not allowed to pay her, at least I can show my gratitude with good coffee creamer and Greek yogurt. While I was perusing the wine section for sales (always), I discovered one of my favorite Zinfandels was 50% off. Yes please!

When I called to check in, my mom told me not to hurry home… so I took that as an invitation to pop into Ann Taylor Loft. I didn’t really have anything I needed but shopping solo is a rarity so why not. It was super crowded for a Wednesday at noon and I couldn’t figure out why. There was a line for the dressing room and people seemed to be going in with their arms loaded. I finally asked someone what was going on and she showed me her printed off coupon that said “Flash Sale! Today Only: Entire Purchase 50% off 12pm-7pm.”

WHAT THE WHAT. I was able to pull the coupon up on my phone and did a little damage. It was hard to resist that sale given one of their colors this season is old gold (aka tailgate clothes!). I’ve been resisting buying clothes right now since I’m still about 2 sizes bigger than my pre-baby weight and don’t hope (intend!) to stay here, so I hated to buy real clothes at this size. However, last year I wore my ATL jean leggings to pieces since they are the perfect jean for tucking into a riding boot and I knew there was no way a pair of denim leggings in my regular size was going to make it past my knees. With the 50% off sale, I didn’t feel so bad buying a new pair of my favorite pants in my bigger size. At the very least, you’ve gotta feel good about yourself even if you are rocking a little extra baby weight, right? Right.


And the best part of my day? Coming home to a happy and well-rested little bubba and a very content Grandma. Best day ever.


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