Saturday, January 16, 2010


I wake up from a heavy sleep to discover the flat plains of Texas have been replaced by a landscape so contradictory to anything I have ever known.  Sharp angular peaks, with frosted tops, cover the horizon as far as I can see.  The Rockies are so unlike any landscape I’ve even seen; they literally take my breath away.  I scan the peaks as the plane crawls along, and I notice signs of occupation are few and far between in the occasional valley.  It occurs to me then, how these mountains have outlasted anyone who called them home, as they will outlast anyone to come.  They are eternal, overwhelming in their beauty and magnitude, yet humble in the way that only something so great can be.  In the face of these rugged mountains, I see a reminder of who and what my glorious God is staring back at me. 

1 16 10 Utah 062

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