Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Oh how I missed doing this... obviously, vacation/traveling made blog updating difficult, but I've been mentally writing my lists nonetheless. A few months of regularly doing a gratitude journal have made my brain almost act like a radar detector for good things. I'll be plodding through my day, checking off the to do list (my other favorite list to make) when all of a sudden this little voice pops up and goes "Oh! I like this! I'm happy!" and I mentally add it to my grateful list. I've been blathering about this gratitude journal thing for awhile now, and it's been really neat to hear from a few people who started doing one too and have seen the positive effects. So without further ado, I bring you this week's Thankful Thursday.
  • My Grandpa making it through a week of a health scare and successfully coming through surgery. He's a tough cookie, even for an 89 year old.
  • My mom, on that note, for her patience, compassion and caregiving. And for just being her. I like her.
  • My husband, for numerous reasons, this week. First, he's been a great advocate and resource for my mom with all his knowledge and help. Second, I mentioned once that I was stressed about getting everything done this week before we left for Utah and came home the next day to a clean house, 2 loads of a laundry and empty dishwasher and I think he even refilled the Crystal Light pitcher. Listen, men, housework trumps jewelery, flowers and Build-A-Bears any day. (And really, the Build-A-Bears are creepy.)
  • VACATION. Nothing like having working for 2 weeks and taking another week off right? But the snowy peaks of Park City call to us, and off we go. I'm also grateful for a week with the 4-C's. And Cafe Rio.
  • Dreaming in Spanish. I know this sounds weird, but it made me happy that my subconscious reminded me I still could still speak and comprehend Spanish, since I don't have a chance to use it "in real life." I also dreamt about being back in Sevilla, and that's a wish list for a whole other day.
  • Learning. I went to a talk given by a MD/MPH from Hopkins on a weight loss trial they just finished up and I remembered how much I love learning/being in a class. Not that "back to school" is on my list... but perhaps more conferences in 2010?
  • The hint of warmer weather around the corner. (Which we are of course leaving behind.)
  • The hint of progression from the Budster... baby steps. It's been a really good week for him. (And for us, consequently.)
  • A new potential client I am super-excited about. She is adorable.
  • My sister
  • The puffiness of my prednisone-face has finally subsided. I look in the mirror and see *me* again and I'm grateful for that. Even though, at the time, I was also grateful for prednisone.
  • Getting to see Jen + Ryan at Christmas. Seattle is too far. Come home, guys.
  • Letting go of a completely arbitrary expectation I set for myself, and the relief that followed.
  • Mastering risotto. Finally.
  • Passion for my job. It feels good to like what you do each day.
  • Library books
  • Learning how to make homemade sushi
  • Going to bed early
  • My new food processor, Christmas gift from my hubby
  • Heather, my meditation cheerleader. I tell her I fell asleep, she tells me there's no such thing as bad meditation.
  • The samples that come with a Sephora order (really - it's the little things.)
  • 1 month of health. (Ok, and also, the big things.)
Good to be back. So, friends, what's on your list?

Is it mutual, Cuisinart? Do you love me as much as I love you?
Please say yes.

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Anonymous said...

so much! esp my family, friends, dog bailey and house.

:) Diana
The Chic Life