Thursday, January 21, 2010

Greatest Snow on Earth

What does one do when the state that claims “The Greatest Snow on Earth” delivers on its promise….

and then some?

Our trip to Utah was one for the books. On the day we arrived there, the bases of the resorts we were looking at – Park City, Solitude and Canyons – weren’t so great. But the morning we woke up to hit the slopes? Why, he-lloooooo snow. All in all, we ended up getting somewhere around 30 inches over the course of 3-4 days. Our first trip out to Utah 2 years ago, I was sold on this snow. Give me west coast snow any day. But this time we had powder. Big white fluffy doesn’t hurt to fall down in powder. And lots of it. I have never experienced anything like this.

The first couple runs we’d do each day – where no one else had gone down the hill – were brutal. The snow was so deep, you had no choice but to just bomb it as fast as you could. If you fell, you were basically sitting in a bath tub of snow and trying to lift yourself up. It made a couple of those early morning half marathon training runs feel like a piece of cake.

But it was man, it was fun.

1 16 10 Utah 032

Snow…. and sun! It wasn’t every day we got treated to the blue skies, too. Park City Resort, afternoon.

1 16 10 Utah 039

Is that Idaho I see?

1 16 10 Utah 049

Boards at Rest.

1 16 10 Utah 051

Yes, that would be my 6’4” husband in waist-deep snow. Crazy.

Can we go back now?

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