Monday, January 18, 2010

Park City Sans Skis

On our first full day in Park City, we looked at the snow bases of the major resort and scowled. It wasn’t quite where we wanted it to be. I know, I know… here we are flying hundreds of miles, leaving a part of the country where ice granules are constitute your winter sport base material and we were denying ourselves a day on the slopes. But, we heard a rumor big snow was coming and we were willing to be patient. With that decision made, we pondered what to do with ourselves.

It was Sunday. There was football on. That decision, for the boys, was made rather quickly.

It was a beautiful, almost warm (by Utah winter standards) day and Jamie and I decided we would both be perfectly content to sling our Rebels on our neck and set off to explore the city by foot and f-stop.

I adore this little city. Although it is quite a tourist mecca, between the ski slopes and Sundance, it still manages to keep a quaint, sleepy, Main Street feel to it. (A Main Street with million dollar residences, but a Main Street nonetheless.) One of my favorite things about it is the town lift – a chair lift that brings people straight off the slopes into town. As we walked along a side street, many restaurants had skis and boards stacked outside as people took a break from the slopes for a slice of pizza or hot sandwich.

Loves this city. Loves it even more with a sunshiney day and a best friend and a very large SD card. Sigh.

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