Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where is my inner nerd when I need her most?

I promised myself I was going to do it today: tackle the merger of my website and my weight loss blog. My wonderful friend Jack has sent me explicit instructions on how I can create a wordpress blog that will let me have all sorts of room for freedom of exploration and design and creation, and create static images and move the domain name manager and *breathe meghan breathe*... before I know it the room starts getting smaller and everything sound as if I'm listening through tin cans and I want to put my head down on the desk and breathe slow, shallow little breaths. I like a challenge. I love reading manuals and following directions. But there are two areas of expertise in which even the most clear, concise directions cause my CNS to react as if a saber tooth tiger was panting down my neck: Taxes and HTML. I really, really, really want to figure both these things out. Last night I DREAMT of my wordpress website, how beautiful my blog was with the links to my coaching website nuzzling around it.... quite a vivid dream, and I had fully expected to see Jacob and Bella in my REM cycles having just finished Eclipse. I DREAMT ABOUT BLOGGING. Yes, I think this fully conveys the nerdiness of the situation. Now, I just need a little fairly to appear out of nowhere, hold my hand through all the HTML-ing to make this happen and tell me when it's over. It hardly seems fair that I have a memory with a cataloged index of calories, I can name the artist of almost any song from 1982-2009, I can perfectly orient myself towards a beach when in any foreign country but I have a brain that childishly refuses to even attempt to understand how to build a website. My inner dorkiness is usually so potent - why must it fail me now?

Also file under: thinly disguised plea for help to tech-savvy friends.

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