Friday, January 16, 2009

4th Year: Celebrate We Will

Yesterday we found out our friends, Zac and Jamie, are going to be staying here in Winston for Zac's optho residency! We are so excited for them, since this was their first choice AND a very highly competitive program. That's right, take a moment to send your mental congrats to Dr Z! It hardly seems fair now that they know their match and the rest of us have to wait til another EIGHT friggin weeks, but that's what the Match Day Gods have decided, so wait we shall...and in the meantime, celebrate we will. Upon finding out the news, we rounded up a few buddies to get together to cheers to the good news. Matt demonstrated his cake decorating prowess with an eyeball adorned ice cream cake, and Zac appropriately sliced right into the sclera. (Yes, I confess, I looked that up. I'm not that on top of my eyeball terminology.)

The cake disappeared quickly, the Prosecco flowed and before long, the wii fit came out. All this on a school night? Whoever said med school was tough forgot to put the foot note on that says... Ummm yea. Except fourth year. Enjoy that, seniors. It's hard to believe 4th year is here, and trust me, we're soaking it up.

Even puggle got in on the celebratory bevs!

These fine gents are your future physicians!

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