Sunday, January 18, 2009

Feeling Kinda Sunday...

Why does it feel so decadent to have a morning to myself with coffee and a bowl of dried cherries and a working internet connection and a whole stack of post-it notes/envelopes/index cards/business cards I've jotted weight loss coaching ideas on? Sundays are usually my to do list days, the day on which I tackle the weekly tasks of laundry, meal planning, grocery shopping, errands... always with the high hopes that somewhere I'll sneak in a project or some downtime reading or one of my five saved episodes of Oprah/Dr. Phil I have yet to watch.... then inevitably, it's 5:43 pm, dinner needs readying, and not long after that there's dishes to do, then lunches to pack, gym bags to ready, and how did it get to be 9 pm already? This is real life isn't it? And it's not a complaint - the Daryl Worley song "Awful Beautiful Life" tumbles through my head often on these days and I'll be in the middle of wiping out the gunk on the microwave thinking to myself, "I am so lucky to have this life."

Oh, but to wake up on Sunday and know that there is ONE MORE DAY to procrastinate the Have To Do's and revel in the Want To Do's... now that is my very own favorite suburban delight.

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