Sunday, January 11, 2009

An object at rest stays...

You would think having had two weeks off over Christmas that by this weekend I would be back into the swing of things and would have had a ton of energy to tackle that ever-lingering project to do list (AHEM: WEDDING ALBUM), or finally take down the Christmas tree, or at the very least get out of bed before 10 am. Nope, Nope and of course, nope. Maybe it was because my first week back at work I kind of forgot how very essential a little thing called sleep can be to surviving the week. Before the break, I had gotten in such a good routine of head on the pillow by 9:30 that my early morning wake ups no longer fazed me. Getting back on track this week was another story. I stayed up like a college freshmen and woke up with the roosters. I walked around all week in a sleep deprived dazed that I can only attribute to watching just one more episode of Jon & Kate Plus Eight or reading just one more chapter of New Moon. So this weekend was essentially a recharge of the batteries that had absolutely no right to be quite so zapped.

48 hours spent just. like. this.

But I did wii fit.... that has to count for something?

Except that we made cookies right after. And ate them. All of them.

The post-vacay sloth spares no one.


Michelle said...

Wii Fit ALWAYS counts, at least in my book!! :)


Meg said...

Thanks Michelle! Doing something has to be better than doing nothing, right?