Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mmmm, Foot. So Tasty.

Do you ever say something trying to be funny and reazlie later it sounded kind of, well, mean? There's a young-ish new professor in our department (probs in his young 30s) who's very Northern and has a very sarcastic/dry humor. I usually find my very Northern and sarcastic/dry humor side comes out whenever we talk (kind of like how when I spend a lot of time with my Southern participants, I start saying things like "yall take care!" and "he gets it honest"). Anyways, he was over at the research center where I teach my classes today doing a lab on how to take blood pressures while the subject is exercising. I took this class circa 2003, and commented on my experience of it. Trust me, it's very hard to hear those lub dubs when the bike is whirling, not to mention you're trying to pump up a cuff on a subject that's moving around. Not the easiest task. He was like "yup - real exciting stuff", to which I replied something along the lines of "yeaaaaa, 5 years later and I can't remember any that stuff." I think that could be roughly translated to: WHAT YOU TEACH? YEA, NOT THAT IMPORTANT.

Oof. Nice one, Megs. Open mouth, insert foot.

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Jamie said...

Love those moments! Hopefully had some good smelling lotion on those toes.