Monday, July 15, 2013


He was a little late to the crawling game but once he figured it out, boy oh boy, did he figure it out. His little knees are always red as he scampers off from one room in the house to the next. He’s pretty good at entertaining himself for short periods of time and I know how fortunate I am for this small blessing. He’s also pretty curious though, which means I can turn my back for long enough to, say, take carrots out of the fridge, but certainly not long enough to actually chop them. I’ve caught him with his hand in the dog’s bowl a few times already, often splashing his fingers in the water while looking up at me and going “no no, no no.” He’s starting to lose the look of his “rubber band wrists” as he gets more mobile, but thankfully his thighs are still delightfully chubby. He has three teeth on top – but he’s still missing one of the front ones. He’s in need of his first hair cut and a “big kid” car seat, but I’ve been putting both off because his first birthday is days away and I’m not ready to officially say good-bye to babyhood. He’s not quite a baby, not quite a toddler and I can’t believe we’ll be singing happy birthday to him in a little over a week.





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