Wednesday, July 17, 2013

College Roomies Visit

Last weekend, my 3 college roomies came to visit! Over the last (almost) decade, we’ve had enough bachelorette parties, bridal showers and weddings to keep us visiting each other at least once a year but with all of us married off, starting families and one of us on the West coast it’s been harder to find a time to get-together. When our west coast dwelling Anna said she was coming east for a month this summer, we seized on the chance to play. It was a fun reunion both to see my friends but also to have them back in our college town (which I sometimes forget my now “hometown” is.) We revisited some of our old haunts – Village Tavern and campus, of course – and I took them to some of my new favorites – Camino Bakery, of course. It was also everyone’s first time meeting Bo as well as Britta’s little girl, 5 month old Isla. A weekend wasn’t long enough to catch up with these lovelies, but it will have to tide us over for now and I’m just thankful we did have the opportunity to spend time with each other again.





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