Friday, July 12, 2013

And yet…

There’s a folder on my desktop called “To Blog.” I won’t tell you how many folders are inside it or how far back they dated. Recently, I went through and selected all the recipe ones and deleted them and it felt like a sigh of relief. There’s enough food blogs out there… I’ll stick to babies, neurotic dogs and wine from here on out.

Anyways, these were all in a folder from May I called “Bo Eats and Plays.” I think that’s a suitable summary of month 10 – eating and playing, growing in leaps. What struck me though was how I know at the time I took these pictures I thought, “He’s turning into such a boy!” Yet just a month later, as I look back at it, I think “aww, he’s changed so much since then.”

This pretty much sums up my life right now. Marveling at how big he is today, only to look back at today’s photo a few days later and realize he was still a baby yesterday and today, today he has gotten bigger.

Here’s Bo eating and playing, in May. Posted in July. Welcome to life with a baby. Or a toddler. I’m not sure which it is right now.










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