Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bo’s First Birthday Party

All morning as we got ready for his party, the rain came down relentlessly. Puddles were forming in the backyard and we had to pull away the furniture from the edges of the porch to keep it from getting wet. But an hour before his party, the sun came out and the birthday boy woke up from his nap smiling and we were ready to celebrate this sweet little guy’s first year.

I thought I might start boo-hooing when we sang him Happy Birthday and he eagerly dug into his cake. One! How has a whole year passed? But later on I came inside to get something and looked out the window on to the porch, and saw a room full of people who have loved my child this last year and supported me and Matt and I just felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude. This boy is so loved – not just by us, but by our little village of friends and family.

My friend Megan made him the most beautiful smash cake, a big cake for the grown-ups and the cutest little dinosaur cake pops. We had a huge spread of cookout foods and a dangerously good Sweet Tea Spritzer. The rain put a halt to my plans for backyard fun, but the littles seemed to find ways to stay entertained between loving on Buddy and breaking in Bo’s new toys and helping out with the smash cake. 6 kids under 2.5 in my house! Organized chaos and lots of Goldfish. Such a fun and happy day for our little family.












Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us, and those who sent their wishes from far away!

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