Friday, May 31, 2013

Meeting Ayanna, the Toddler Version

The funny thing about this day and age of Instagram and Facebook is that you feel really in touch with your friends’ (and sometimes acquaintances’) lives even when you haven’t seen them in months or even years. Every day I see cute pictures of my far away friends’ kids in their day to day life and I feel like I’m getting to watch their kids grow up…

And then you get a chance to have an actual visit and you realize that pictures and hash tags are lovely, but they sure can’t hold a candle to the real thing. The last time I got to see Ayanna she was barely 3 months old. Though I’ve watched her grow up over Instagram and chatted with Akanksha almost daily on our momma tribe group iMessage, I still kind of had to pinch myself to believe that this animated, sprinting, giggling toddler was the same little person I had snuggled with just a year ago. We were so lucky to have Jacob + Akanksha come back to Winston for a visit so we could catch up in person, love on their crazy toddler, …. and mostly importantly, introduce Bo and Ayanna. There was a lot of “muuuuuu-wah’s” from Ayanna and a lot of looks of delighted surprise from Bo. Such a fun weekend catching up with old friends – we only wished it ended with a surprise announcement that they were moving back, but no dice. Back to the Instagram and iMessage catch ups for now.




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