Thursday, May 9, 2013

More Stories About Bo. And an Awful Lot of Photos.

April! It just kind of came and went before I had time to blink. I sort of thought April would be kind of slow and relaxed after we got home from the beach, but... joke's on me! And here it is, nearly mid-May. Thoughts of first birthday parties are already starting to swirl in my head… how can it be?

I haven't blogged in awhile because I haven't felt like I had anything in particular to say … or maybe that it's I had too much to say, and didn't know where to start or what to leave out. But I have taken a whole lot of really cute pictures and they need a place to go so I thought I'd just open up a blank post and see what happens. 

Bo has had a bunch of play dates recently… it's amazing to me to see how much in the last month he's changed in the way he interacts with other little kids. He is fascinated to watch big kids play, and loves when they show interest in him. I love watching his friendship with Zoey bloom and hear her sweet voice when she says "Bo! Bo! Bo!" when she spies him. 

About a month ago, he started rolling and now he is unstoppable. It cracks me up to see him spot something across the room that he wants and just roll - roll - roll over to get it. He can also scoot backwards when he's on our hardwood floors, but on the carpet it sort of looks like he's doing the worm. I know I've been pretty lucky he's been a little slow to get moving, but I'm pretty terrified for what awaits me once he really does.

When he's falling asleep, he pulls his arm into his shirt and sucks on the sleeve. I often find him after a nap with his arm totally inside his shirt. Today I learned the hard way how important those long sleeves really are - he went down for a nap in short sleeves and kept grabbing at his wrists for the longest time, confused. When he woke up mid-nap, it became VERY apparent than no sleeves meant no self soothing and NO going back to sleep. Lesson learned. My boy doesn't need a paci, a blankie or a lovey to sleep - just long sleeves. Funny boy.

We started swim classes this week. It is really just a fun excuse to play in the pool at the Y before it's warm enough to go to the pool at the club, but so far, he seems to love it. They have us do things like put them on a kick board and encourage them to kick but Bo's clearly much more in it for the socializing than the skills. He's  content to smile at all the other kids, slap the water and hear his "outside voice" echo in the loud pool room.

He has what my mom refers to as a "healthy curiosity." Kid doesn't miss a beat. He wants to hold everything he sees me holding, eat everything he sees me eating (my new diet: don't eat in front of Bo!), drink everything he sees me drinking. He is endlessly amused by every day household items like empty water bottles, the crinkle of an empty paper bag, straws, spoons and of course, the magical glow of the iPhone. I've made a point to try and put my phone away when I'm around him more - which is probably a good thing to do anyways - because the minute he sees it, he wants nothing more in the world than to hold it. With his gums. 

He's fun, he's busy, he's a little bit dramatic, he's funny, he's sweet. I could fill up pages and pages of blog posts just talking about our days, which is why I sometimes just don't write at all. I feel like I have so much I could say, that just a little bit won't do it justice. But, these are some snapshots of our life right now and they give me a perfect segway for an random, not in any order, not totally related to these stories photo dump.

IMG 4818

IMG 4820

IMG 4769

IMG 3515

IMG 4689

IMG 4667

IMG 4661

IMG 3352

IMG 4656

IMG 4650

IMG 4645

IMG 4697

IMG 4696

IMG 0002

IMG 4845

IMG 4855

IMG 4860

IMG 4864



Lindsay Collins said...

He is so sweet.

Jamie said...

Sometimes a photo dump is the best way to go. When the subject is a cute as Bo, they speak for themselves.

A Glenn said...

My fav pic is Bo reaching for the burger. Good choice, Bo, good choice!