Tuesday, May 28, 2013

10 Months

Bowen :: Ten Months Old

Weight: No appointment this month, so I'm not sure of his official stats. Matt and I did an unofficial height check today and clocked him in at 29.5 inches which would be a huge jump from his 9 month appointment. I'm not sure if that's accurate, but it sure would explain why we are rapidly growing out of clothes. He started this month in 9 month onesies, 12 month rompers and 9 month pajamas. As of today, the 12 month rompers are getting packed up and 12 month pajamas are fitting… but without much room to spare. Hello, growth spurt!

Eats: He dropped the small 4th bottle before bed at the beginning of this month. His 3 bottles are now 8 oz though so he's actually getting the same volume, just less frequency. He's eating 3 meals a day, ranging from a sweet potato pancake to homemade mac n cheese to a pretty wide variety of fruits and veggies. He's still not too keen on picking most foods up, except his beloved Puffs and Cheerios, so I still spoon feed him most of his meals. (Fine by me - easier clean up!)

Sleep: 3rd nap officially gone, down to 2 naps a day. The good news is that by pushing the 1st nap back just a little bit, it's extended from 45 minutes to an hour or more The second nap is usually an hour and fifteen minutes, which is nice to feel like he's getting some solid day sleep. His awake time is about 3 hours, so we've been able to get out of the house a little more often. He's still waking up earlier than he used to and I've given up trying to solve the mystery of his early rising. I've tried both putting him to bed earlier and later and it doesn't seem to make an impact. Oh well… just another life lesson that we're on Bo time. 

Milestones: Rolling, rolling, rolling. Bo is rolling EVERYWHERE. He spies something he wants and it's just tummy-back-tummy-back-tummy-back until he gets it. He's also starting sitting up from a lying down position and he is getting up in a push up position and rocking a bit. I'm just waiting for it all to begin… Other fun milestones are him learning to imitate us. He started clapping in earnest this month, and will do it anytime you say "yay!!!" or "paddy cakes?" to him. He will sometimes blow kisses or wave and can imitate a number of different sounds I make, like clicking his tongue or rolling his R's. Last night when we were having dinner with friends, Kate stuck her tongue out at him and he stuck it right back out at her! First time I had seen him do that. Little monkey. 

Likes: Oatmeal, cheerios, Greek yogurt, rolling, shrieking, yelling, shouting, "petting" Buddy, FaceTime, peek-a-boo, his Daddy, the stacking rings and the stacking cup, being outside, swimming, watching videos of himself. 

Dislikes: getting dressed, touching slimy foods, waiting for meals to be prepared, skipping a nap. 

Bo is such a social little boy. If we are out and about, especially playing with other kids, he rarely gets fussy. (As opposed to when we are home, there's only so many rounds of Paddy-cakes he wants to play with momma before he's ready to move on to the next thing.) He loves to be around other people, and has the quickest smile and most joyful laugh. He is content as can be to sit and watch other kids in the Y daycare or church nursery, and is not phased when another kid "borrows" whatever toy he is playing with. His Buddy dog delights him, and he shrieks and shouts and grabs his fur whenever he's close by. Bless little Buddy, we'll have to work on "gentle hands" soon. He started swim class this month, which we attended with 3 other little friends - Jamie and Zoey, Denise and Sam, Holly and Ben - and he's just happy as can be in the water. I see us getting a lot of mileage out of our pool membership this summer. 

I'm savoring these days where he is happily and easily entertained, yet still remains mostly in the same spot I left him. I can, after all, keep up with a baby who can only roll. I know my days are numbered and in a matter of time, I'll have a curious and MOBILE boy to chase after. 

Matt's parents were here for a weekend while we attended a wedding out of town, and then my mom was here for a week just to visit so he has had lots of grandparent love and attention this month. With the weather warming up, we've been taking a lot more runs together in the BOB and I love peeking down through the little window in the top of the stroller to see him shrieking and waving his hands as we run. 

We've had a fun month with our happy and silly boy. There are still so many moments when I see him as my little baby, but those are quickly being replaced more and more with the suggestions of toddlerhood waiting right around the corner. More and more he looks like a little boy, and I can tell there are more times when he is thinking through his behaviors rather than just reacting to what's happening around him. I try to squeeze him and snuggle him as much as I can right now, because I can already feel him squirming to get down and go explore the next thing. Oh sweet Baby Bo, you are so, so loved.

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Bari said...

10 months already??? How is that even possible? I adore those pictures with the football - so flipping cute. Enjoy this time, Meg. It's priceless.

Allison the Meep said...

10 months already!! What in the what!!!

k. said...

It's amazing how it all just zoms by so quickly, right? I really have loved, loved seeing you turn into a mama. You're doing such a great job with Baby Bo and he's just darling (not to mention how well you do at documenting it all - I miss those days when I did the same).

I wish he and West could play together (or at least side-by-side).