Saturday, June 1, 2013



This child is an absolute ham. I pointed the camera at him and said “Bo, say cheese!” and this is what I get.

Anytime we are out in public, he instantly locks eyes with someone and either laughs and giggles until they smile back or he will do the “smile, bury his face in my shoulder, quickly look back and smile again” routine. He is not the least bit shy. I just can’t even imagine what this personality trait will look like as he gets older, because it is such the opposite of how his shy, introverted mama was growing up. He makes Matt and I laugh every day at one antic or another of his. He really is just such a happy little guy. It’s basically impossible to feel anything but joy when he’s around. Even on my most bone-tired days when the coffee isn’t pumping out of the Keurig fast enough, walking into his room and seeing that cheesy grin on his face as he sits up in his crib and claps with delight at my presence is basically the greatest gift I could imagine. I love you, sweet cheesy ham biscuit of mine!

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