Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We is moved!

It's official! We are homeowners! Yipee!! Mortgage Payment!

The move went pretty much as perfectly as one could hope for - which was a nice counterbalance to the day of fun I had waiting on the Time Warner installation and dealing with the customer service reps the completely apathetic worker who pretended to sympathize with me. I already devoted about 230 tweets to this subject so I'll move on. Maybe.

Friday our team of movers showed up - BJ & Minez - and we went to dinner and then sat around and s
tared at each other. Boy, life without a TV, huh? The boys, including Z and my father-in-law, were pretty frickin amazing as far as a moving crew goes. Hubby had the truck in the driveway by 9, it was loaded by 10:30, at the new house and empty by 12:30. Cap it off with a visit by the ice cream truck chiming it's merry little bells down the street (PUSH POP!!! what what), and it was pretty much the most efficient and wonderful moving experience ever. Also, no TVs were dropped this time.

The moving crew, big fans of the now EMPTY truck.

Ice Cream Truck? Seriously? Best neighborhood ever.

What it took to move us: 26 foot truck, 2 CRV (full of clothing, pillows, camera, banana bread, etc, all things I did not trust to go into said truck), an Accord with all paintings, pics, mirrors in backseat, and a pick-up truck with our elliptical and lawn mower.

PS, there's just TWO of us. Yea.

And the pathetic thing is, I didn't feel like we own a lot of stuff until this move. I'm the queen of
ebaying, and I'm constantly paring down my closets and warding off the accumulation of excess clutter. Yet, it took no less than 4 vehicles to transport just the two of us across town. What gives?

On a related note, see my ebay store! New and exciting stuff being posted by the minute! Eh?

After we moved in and chowed down on push pops, the boys went back to the old house to do some cleaning. Minez will forever hold a special place in my heart for cleaning the laundry
room floor where the washer & dyer were located. While they were gone, my in-laws went to town unpacking the kitchen while I finished the rest of the boxes in the downstairs. By 7 pm, we had burgers on the grill, friends showing up with wine & guacamole, and the downstairs kind of looked like humans could live there. Nothing like having guests over on the first day to send you into an unpacking flurry.

You have to prioritize the order you unpack things.
Sheets & towels can wait.

I think I was on an adrenaline high, because I even made the most obscenely organized kitchen-overflow closet. If Williams-Sonoma had a 8x3 foot store, it would look exactly like my closet.
I can't wait for Jamie, queen bee organization, to see it. (Yes, J, your approval on my closet space means a lot to me.) Last night, we sat on our back deck listening to the nothing-ness of living out in the country. I
have come a long way, baby! From the shock trauma center in Baltimore, to the sounds of the cityscape in DC, to the rush of I-40 in our old house to.... CRICKETS. I can hear crickets. Awesome. We just keep looking around the place going "this is ours? Seriously? We get to keep it??"

My little slice of heaven, with some really fugly patio furniture, unfortch.

The only downside is that I find myself not wanting to be at work because there's about a zillion home projects I want to tackle while I still have the motivation of novetly. Including our bonus room.

Overheard on moving day: "Where does this go?" "Um, I don't know, put it in the bonus room."

Yea, that room. Sigh.

Come visit.


Jennifer said...

Congrats. I am so happy for yall. We can't wait to come see your new place. Was that my margarita recipe I saw in that photo???

Lindsay Collins said...

lurking back... great house and i hear ya on the random deck furniture. i covet a nice matchy match set like whoa.

Meg said...

Jennifer: You betcha, Momma! They always go down smooth!

Lindsay: Doesn't it seem like the trappings of grown up life come one slow piece at a time?!

Heather said...

ima come!! soon!!