Thursday, May 14, 2009

Do you sense a note of panic?

I am starting to lose track of what day/date it is, and I am moving through each moment nearly totally dictated by the reminders that pop up on my phone that tell me where to be and when. Wed after teaching four (four!) classes, I came home, scurried around, threw 3 more bags into my already full car, loaded up the TomTom and headed up to Matt's grandparent's house in Boone to spend the night before a talk I was giving up there. As I pulled into their driveway at 8:00 pm and gazed on the normally serene looking isolated house, the thought crossed my mind "This is pretty much the perfect setting for a horror movie."

#1 thought that should not cross your mind when staying alone in a mountain house? That one.

I spent the rest of the somewhat sleepless night trying NOT to think that.

The talk went great on this morning, the ladies who signed up for the workshop were incredibly receptive and warm and provided funny commentary throughout, which I LOVE, and I felt charged with energy after the hour+ talk was over. I still can't get over the fact that I do public speaking/workshop/motivational talks as part of my "for a living" category when 3 years ago the idea itself would have made me throw up all over myself.

Today was THAT day on my Outlook calendar I had been one part dreading, one part eagerly anticipating in kind of "Can I really pull this off?" way.

6:00 - Wake up in mt house, get dressed, locate Starbucks for oatmeal/skinny latte.
Starbucks locate = FAIL. (There isn't one in Boone?)
8:00 - Arrive at Broyhill, McLatte and Egg McMuffin in hand. Eat in car. Yoga breaths pre-talk.
9:00 - On Stage. Talk, Talk, Talk
10:30 - Back in car. FOG EVERYWHERE. Driving was hell. Scheduled 3 calls for my drive back. Didn't make one due to fog. 1 successful call, the other woman was on the golf course when I called. SHE SCHEDULED THIS CALL. Still trying to figure that one out.
12:30 - Arrived back in WS, detour to Barnes & Nobles. Coaching client is reading a Jillian Michael book inside out and asking all sorts of questions relating to insulin-growth factor, and organic chickens, and holy crap, what? Needed to be on same page. Bought book. Realized coaching appointment is in 30 minutes, no food since Egg MM at 8:30. Does not a happy coach make. Called Riverburch, ordered Chevre Salad.
12:46 - Pick up salad. Meeting client across the street in 14 minutes. Eat salad by means of grabbing fist fulls of spinach while driving. Apparently provides shock value/entertainment for neighboring car at stopped light. WHAT? You have never seen a woman eat arugula out of the palm of her own hand while driving??? So normal.
1:00 - Coaching appointment. Want to clone the clients I have right now as they are delightful times infinity.
2:00 - Appointment finished, shoot back over to WFU. Party for our most recent group of "graduates." Schmooze, schmooze, schmooze until my coworker says "And now, Meghan is going to take the folks who have been doing our exercise program and tell them all about the weight loss program!" I AM???? I am. Had forgotten this is part and parcel of the 'grad parties.' Wing it off the top of my head. What's that? Sweating? Just a little. Thank goodness for public speaking warm up this morning, as WFU study participants can be a demanding and tough crowd. They appear enthused and happy and scribble notes as if there might be a final exam later.
(Final Exam = what the scale says later. No biggie.)
4:00 - Finish party. Supposed to order BBQ for Saturdays party. BOTH cell phones have died. Yes that's right, I have two and neither were functioning. Murphy's Law, meet Meghan. Somehow manage to find BBQ place by combination of highway signs, instincts and crowded parking lot. Walk in and order something IN PERSON? Unheard of, face to face interactions these days, but mission accomplished.
4:45 - Parents flight is thankfully delayed, because original plan was to go straight from WFU. Car is currently full of: overnight bag, gym bag, computer bag, bag full of food logs & weight loss logs, "talk" bag (full of bidnis cards, books I refer to and giveaways), external hard drive, a bag full of vidalia onions from a participant, and 3 pairs of shoes. Mom and Dad, please hold your suitcase on your lap? Go home to empty car, turn around back to airport to pick up parents.
7:30 - Parents are ooh-ing and ahh-ing over new home, steaks are sizzling on the grill, little sister has arrived from Charlotte with Trader Joe's hummus, wine glasses are full.

All is well in the world. Thursday May 14th is quickly becoming nothing more than a blog entry. For better, for worse.

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