Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bed, Made.

Can I devote an entire post to talk about my new bed??? I suppose I can - it is my blog and all. Content decisions belong entirely to moi.

Because I only got to see the bed once in it's stages of completion, moving day was the grand reveal for me. So, it's all kind of wrapped up in this OMG NEW NEW experience. It is the most gorgeous piece of furniture I have ever laid on, and that's saying something since I live in the furniture capital of the US. It's made of all walnut - even the slats under the bed. (I shimmied under there and checked. Yup, no skimping.) I think the headboard must weigh close to 200 pounds.

Gorgeous? Yea I thought so.
(Click to enlarge for better ooh-ing and ahh-ing.)

Considering this baby was sketched out on a napkin in Charleston, I will just go ahead and brag: my husband is one talented guy. He spent nearly every weekend in February & March, and about a week in April, going home and working on the bed. He'd go into the workshop around 8 in the morning, take a quick break for lunch, and work again until sunset. I saw some pictures along the way, but it's so hard to imagine how it will all come together. It is more beautiful than I could have pieced together in my mind - and thank goodness he can piece things together in his mind, since that's just what he did.

On Friday, the Time Warner guy was in our bedroom hooking up the cable and he was looking for a hard surface to put his paper down to sign it. He started reaching for the foot board and I swear I saw his life flash before him, before Matt could grab the pen out of his hand and stop him. Aaaaand on that note, I stopped wearing my rings to bed. Any potential for scratching this baby might be grounds for permanent banishment to the proverbial doghouse!

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Jen said...

omg, it's GORGEOUS!! wow, he really did a fabulous job. i can't even imagine having something that big to sleep in every night, lucky dirtay!!