Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ready, Set, MOVE!

So hey internets, guess what... we are MOVING!

After about a bajillion saved entries on listingbook, endless Sundays spent going to open house after open house and creating price per square foot excel sheets like it was my job (or, you know, at my job), we finally found "The One." Kids, here's a tip you should know about house hunting: it is nothing like the HGTV show. You do not go to 3 nearly-perfect homes in one afternoon with your endlessly perky relator, you do not have to narrow down your decision going "hmm, do I want the granite countertops or do I prefer the extra big garden tub?" and you do not sit patiently in a coffee shop and wait for the counter offer to come after one commercial break. In fact, if you just take all those things and apply the opposite rule to them, you would have home buying.

(Although, we did have a very patient and wonderful realtor. And I'm not just saying that because she might follow my blog.)

Once we settled on the house, the process of mortgage application simply required turning over every piece of information about yourself including a DNA sample, your childhood pet's name, and how many visits to Starbucks you make each month (too many!! i'm sorry!! I'll stop if you'll give me a mortage.) via fax machines to strangers. So you know, just more FUN. I suppose this is the backlash of the former free for all mortgage industry, and I am thankful that change is so very transparent, but SHEESH....

While we were at the beach we got word that our mortgage was approved. We are all set to close on WEDNESDAY and move next weekend. NEXT WEEKEND! Holy crapballs.

So I came home Thursday from the beach, and I had already taken yesterday off to do a wellness workshop at a staff retreat for a company here. I'm glad I had that day off, because we started packing yesterday. It's been a whirlwind.... but we should be in our new house next weekend! We've got friends and some family members coming to help lift heavy things and unpack next weekend; then another friend arrives the weekend after that to stay for the week ---> graduation. Graduation Saturday we should have approximately ~15 people here for Matt's grad party. So you know... nothing like hosting a party in your house 2 weeks after moving in to force you to figure out what box you packed the napkin rings in. NTS: LABEL THINGS!!

Welcome back from vacay. Time to get moving. Literally.

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Jen said...

Congrats! We've been in our place for three years (as of April 20) and I will tell you this now, as you will certainly appreciate it: the best part is that you don't have to pack your shit up and move again for a long long time. Post pics!