Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Year Already?

Our friend Crystal’s baby turned one this week!  She was the first one of our friends here in Winston to have a baby, and I seriously can’t believe an entire year has passed. 


Now that I have so many friends with children, I feel like I’m much more attuned to the passing of time than ever before.  I’ve always heard people say that the older you get, the faster time goes and I’ve agreed with that – I feel like I’m constantly turning to a new month in my calendar at work or exclaiming to someone when I’m setting up their appointment “I can’t believe I’m already looking at {insert upcoming month} for new appointments!”  It’s cliché, but everyone seems to agree.  Anyways, the addition of kidlets to our group of friends has made this even more acute.  They are constantly hitting new milestones, and I’m constantly feeling like the doting Auntie who wants to pinch their cheeks and exclaim “You’re getting so big already!”

Even better when those cheeks are covered in green cupcake frosting like this little guy’s were!


Happy Birthday sweet Ethan, and on the same note, I extend my marvel and praise towards Crystal and Tim at surviving their first year of parenthood with grace and a good sense of humor and an intact marriage.  I’m quite certain it is no where near as easy as you guys make it look. 


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