Saturday, November 5, 2011

8 Points

I can’t think of one thing that would have made this weekend better.

Okay, wait.

That’s not totally true.  I can think of 8 things that would have made this weekend better.

wf nd

8 teensy, tiny little points would have made this weekend better.

But seriously, other than Wake Forest’s loss to Notre Dame, it was a perfect weekends.  Three of Matt’s college roommates – Jason, Mark and Mike - came into town, along with Jason bringing his girlfriend Ting for us to meet the first time.  Pam and Craig came down from Boston, Jenny came from Raleigh and my sister came up from Charlotte.  Along with our usual tailgating crew and Winston friends, I think we had 20 some people come to pregame Friday night at our house and tailgate (for EIGHT hours!!) Saturday before the game.  I just felt like every time I turned around that weekend there was a friend I wanted to hug and talk to and clink glasses with and cheer on our football team with.  (Oh, Wake Forest. Oh, oh, oh, Wake Forest.)

Despite the loss, such a happy happy weekend.









game photo

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