Thursday, July 22, 2010

Say Yes to the Dress

My sister found her wedding dress today!  She had narrowed it down to two by the time I got down there today.  I knew instantly when she put the first one on that that was the dress.  But I was very curious about the second one… I couldn’t imagine her looking more radiant than the first one.  It was a tough competition – the second one was just as gorgeous and she looked just as lovely.  (Can feel the eyes getting a little prickly right now thinking of my baby sis walking down the aisle.  Scuse me for a second, while I do the Southern Lady eye fan and regain composure.) 

Both dresses were made for her, but the first one was it. 

I can’t wait til June 18th, 2011.



Unknown said...

I had a minor panic attack for a moment that my dress was posted for all the blogging world to see...but I should've known better!

Meg said...

Of course, you goober. I didn't even show it to my hubs, like I promised.