Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Resident’s Life

We had our RSA Welcome brunch this morning. RSA = Resident Spouse Association, which I loosely translate to Junior League for Resident’s wives. (Although allegedly there’s a husband somewhere in the mix, I’ve never seen him.)

I don’t know that I “officially” met all my girlfriends through RSA, but coincidentally or not, most of my closest friends here are residents wives and I am so very thankful for them. I think sometimes we forget how strange and different the medicine world is compared to “the real world”, so having friends who are experiencing the exact same things you are makes life easier. No one gets miffed if someone can’t hang out because a husband has a night off (because we recognize that sometimes it can be the only one in an entire week) and there’s a good chance that anytime you’ve got a hubby on call and are looking for company, you can find someone else in the same boat. Our husbands all work the same long hours, make the same paychecks and have the same stressors. Whatever it is you need to vent/talk about, we all “get it.”

The welcome brunch went well – it’s a chance to introduce new members to what RSA is all about (playgroups, book clubs, happy hours, volunteer work, etc.) and we always have a heckuva raffle thanks to community donations. This year I walked away with a one month membership to a gym, a one hour massage and a few restaurant gift cards. Woop!

7 29 10 299

7 29 10 303

After the brunch, I came home with the intention to clean up my house while my hubby slept off a night shift. The day was so rainy and dreary, I thought I’d curl up on the couch with a good book for an hour before cleaning….

Three hours later…. Zzzzzz… Zzzzz…. What is it about a good thunderstorm that’ll just knock you out?

Once I got the house cleaned, I decided to re-mess it up by making scones. I haven’t made scones since I worked at the coffee shop in high school. They were scrumptious. The perfect treat for a rainy afternoon with a cup of tea.

7 29 10 307

Once Matt woke up, we went on a retail-date and window shopped around Best Buy for awhile. (I played with the iPad for a few minutes…purrrr.) To walk in Best Buy pretty much negates the claim that there’s a recession going on. Matt had some charts to finish before going back in that night, so we took our grub home and he charted while I blogged (this) and Buddy snored away in Buddy’s bed. (Real time post!)

7 29 10 306

And that’s a peek into a resident’s life and a resident’s wife’s life on a Saturday.


k. said...

Recipe?! Recipe?!

I love scones.

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

I think this might mean my diet is going well. I only looked at the scone picture twice, but kept returning to look at Buddy. But then, I came here, and someone wants the recipe, and my will power crumbled just a little, and I thought, "oh, me too please!" For a minute there, I was good.

Meg said...

Then I suppose I should not tell you I just updated the link to include the recipe. They are not low cal by any means, but they are real: no high fructose corn syrup, no trans this or that, no words you can't pronounce. So if you're going to eat scones, these are the scones to eat. Besides, they only make 8, which disappear quickly. Too quickly.