Saturday, July 10, 2010


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My Prom Dress, 1999.

I adore this dress.  Can someone please invent a party for me to wear this to again?

Or perhaps, I could star in an off-off-off-of-off-off Broadway production of Beauty & the Beast.  (My sister and I spontaneously broke out into singing “Tale as Old as Time” when I put this on.)

I’ve given away every other prom dress, homecoming dress and bridesmaid dress.  But this continues to take up prime real estate in my closet.  I don’t know why I have such a hard time parting with it. 

Real life should include more opportunity for tulle.

Megs and Dad Prom 99

Posing with Daddy, Prom 1999.

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SR said...

That is just so excellent. Loving it! My 99 prom dress was so much worse than my 2000 one! I actually wore the 2000 one to my KD formal senior year!