Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Mountain Weekend Edition

This. Is. Happy.

Happy Things, All Weekend Long:

  • This quiet morning with a nothing to do but write whatever comes into my mind, sip coffee (after 2 days of trying to figure out how to work an electrical kettle) and watch the rising and falling of my doggy's little chest as he slumbers contentedly on the floor in front of me
  • The way the sunlight streams through the leaves as it rises behind the house on early morning walks
  • Writing
  • The heft of the camera in my hand
  • Film camera
  • Having a sister who is a best friend too
  • Friends who have known you for almost a decade
  • Cooking and eating around a large table with a lazy susan
  • Pinot grigio
  • Crab bisque soup
  • Not having internet for 3 days
  • Sitting in a house that someone you know built with their own hands
  • A surprisingly warm November weekend
  • That it only takes 2 hours of driving to feel very far away from everything
  • Laughing so hard with friends (and family) that you feel like you might pull a muscle
  • Using vacation days
  • Small mountain towns

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