Monday, November 2, 2009

Music on a Monday

For some reason, my ears just keep saying "more, please" when I listen to this. I loved Something Corporate and I had no idea that the lead singer had left SC and was now Jack's Mannequin until my buddy Zac clued me in. Now I can't stop downloading them, much to the demise of my dwindling itunes balance. But this song delights me the most. Enjoy.

Confess: What are you listening to right this very moment?


Jen said...

The soundtrack from Glee because I'm a dork. :)

Unknown said...

Owl City because my second period class requests it on repeat to start each morning...and I secretly don't mind.

Meg said...

Oh I love me some Glee! It's kind of annoying to buy them from itunes though; b/c the songs are so short. Yet, I do anyways.