Friday, February 27, 2009

Thursday Night at the Joel

Bah duh da da da da da da GO DEACS... bah duh da da da da GO DEACS.... (Or at least that's how it sounds in MY head.) This has been a roller coaster basketball season. First, we were amazing. Unstoppable. Steam rolling over both Duke and Carolina. Then, we start losing should-be-easy games - games against Miami and GA Tech. In my 9 years as a Deacon, we have ranged from being #1 and Cinderella-storied all over the place, to being most commonly confused with a small liberal arts school in Chicago until a Tim Duncan reference is made. Oh Wake Forest, they'll say. One thing I can say about Demon Deacon basektball though, is every game is exciting because you never know what you're going to get. Classic Wake Forest: unpredictable, at best . Unpredictable at their best.

Thanks to our friends, Emily and Wiggy, we got to enjoy an in-person win at the Joel. Beating State doesn't cause quite the same ruckus as Duke or Carolina win does, but every Wake fan probably has a half dozen State fans in their inner circles of colleagues, friends and family and a little Friday morning bragging rights is always fun.

Go Deacs!

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enemith00 said...

Yay go Deacs, way to kill MD!!!