Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bed In Progress

I mentioned awhile ago that Matt was drawing up plans to build a bed with his Pa, who built our dining room table (seen below). Just 2 months ago this bed was a mere sketch on a bar napkin from Charleston and today there were three pieces of beautifully grained walnut planks being fed through a radial saw about to become our headboard. Amazing. (All sawing done by Pa, who claims he's never seen a doctor without fingers and won't let Matt near the blades. Good looking out, Pa.) I'm amazed at my husband's knowledge of carpentry - it is such a cool thing to disocer a side of your spouse you had no idea even existed. I hung out in the shop for about an hour on Saturday while they discussed how the headboard would be joined together and it was like they were speaking a different language. The precision and careful planning it takes to requires a depth of patience I can't even BEGIN to claim that I possess. Matt grew up hanging out with his Pa in his wood shop and helped him with many projects, but it's just incredible to hear his complete competency and knowledge. I just can't wait for our bed to be finished and have this heirloom piece we have for the rest of our life. Already, I imagine our children fighting over who it will get willed to someday. (Yea, I don't get ahead of myself at.all.) It's amazing to see these rough planks of wood and hear Matt describe how they will all come together -this one a paneled headboard, that one a wide solid foot board,these a strong bold sideboard. I'll tell you one thing - whenever we match and start looking for houses somewhere, criteria numero uno is going to be "ginormous bedroom" because this thang ain't gonna fit in our 11 x 13.

Working the radial saw.
Unassuming planks now, paneled headboard later.
Examining the future panels with Pa.

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