Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Morning Stroll

After all the walking we did on Saturday, I was somewhat amazed when the alarm went off that Jamie and I were actually mobile.  I think I was expecting to be as sore as after a half marathon, considering we had basically done that.  (Did I mention Jamie is nearly 7 months pregnant?  I tried to keep my complaints in perspective, assuming any degree of tiredness or overheating I felt was tenfold for her.  Troo-per.  Trooper.)  Anyways, we were up, and we had a few more things on our checklist.  Mostly "sight-seeing" this morning, but of course that meant more walking.

We headed down to Battery Park, walking along Wall Street to get there.  When I’m in this area, I always try to picture my then-28 year old Dad fitting into the hustle and bustle of Wall Street, as he did when he worked his first year for Merrill in the city.  It just doesn't click - I'm picturing the man who now loves to go to bed at 7:30 pm (I know where I get it from) and comes home on his lunch break to eat a tuna sandwich and sit with the back door open to our patio to watch the hummingbird feeder.  It amuses me to picture him on these busy New York streets (and my mom, back home in Jersey with baby Michael!) but it never fails to remind me when I'm here, that I know just a small part of my parents life and through very biased lenses.  Which is what every child does, of course, and maybe is part of the reason why I write this blog… so my one-day kids can read about their then-29-year old mom and how she took an excessive amount of pictures of her dog?  Hmm, or not…

Okaaay, back on topic...  where we were?

Oh right, a random walk down wall street.

(Get it??)

Let's just fast forward to Battery Park.  Statue of Liberty!  I’ve never done one of those harbor tours where you get to seen Lady Lib up close, but even from afar she is pretty impressive.  Makes you feel American just looking at her.


Jamie and I took our time switching out every lens on the camera to get the perfect shot of Miss America, and then we hopped on the subway for our next walking adventure.


In all my trips to NY, I had somehow never SEEN the Brooklyn Bridge.  Ya'll, it's AMAZING.  Seriously, just a marvel of architecture.  The night before I had been trying to figure out where the pedestrian walkway to BB started so I ended up on the Wikipedia page and read the history about it, so I think I was even more taken aback having a little bit of background.




Jboo and I walked to the first structure, marveling and snapping shots along the way, and making sure we stayed in the "ogling tourist lane" and not the "frustrated bikers trying to get a workout/commute in" lane.  Once we got to the first structure, we realized we were running out of time to get back before our flight and oh yea, it was a million degrees out, so we called a day and started the long warm trek back.


Just in case anyone was paying attention, yes that is the same outfit I wore Friday night.  Now you know my secret for packing light.

Blessedly, our travel home was uneventful.  Well, actually our gate changed FOUR times in 15 minutes, but I'm still calling that uneventful in comparison.  It felt like a whirlwind weekend but I think Jamie, baby 4c and I managed to fit a lot in to our short trip.

See New York-y things: check (Lady Lib, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, WTC)
Eat delicious things: check (Sprinkles, Wafel Truck, Shake Shack)
Navigate subway system without getting lost: Check (thank you, NYC app)
Visit friends: check (most important part of our trip: "blog friend" becomes "real life friend" - thanks for your hosting us in your lovely city-home, K!)


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