Sunday, July 31, 2011


Happy Birthday, Jacob & Michelle!

It always sort of amazes me when the schedule gods grant us one of those nights where almost everyone has the same night off.  That just doesn't happen a lot when all your friends are residents.

Tonight we got together to celebrate Jacob and Michelle's victory lap of their 20's at Tate's.





I was driving and a teensy bit worn out from our garage sale extravaganza this morning, and sometimes when I'm tired I feel like I'm sitting back and watching things instead of actively participating.  I felt that way tonight, but in a very content and peaceful way.

I love our friends and I'm so thankful that residency brought us all together, and that even more important, we have each other to get through residency with.

I love our city, and I'm so thankful that we've gotten to live here for 10 years and watch this city grow and change as downtown becomes somewhere you'd actually want to be.

See, now usually it's too much wine that makes me all "I wuv you guys" but tonight?  Tonight it's a clear head and calm heart that's letting me look out at this life and feeling my gratitude.

And the best part?


No hangover when you get drunk on gratitude.

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