Friday, July 29, 2011

The Drill

If you must get 8 fillings replaced (yes I said, 8), then you should probably do it in a dentist's office that looks like this:

And has massaging chairs:

And 2 of your best friends work there and can come give you a hug.  (Donna, you're excused... having a 4 week old is a good reason to not be there.)

But despite all those lovely amenities,

it's still a cavity drilling.  or 8.

(Okay, I'm only getting 2 done at a time.)

(And for the record, I swear I take good care of my teeth.  I have floss in every purse I own!  I just, apparently, have terrible teeth.  Sigh.)


Allison the Meep said...

What doctor do you go to? I'm all for massaging chairs during a cleaning!

Meg said...

Allison, I go to Carolina Smiles & Dap Spa in Greensboro. It's a drive - about 50 minutes from our part of town - but my insurance only gave me 3 choices in Winston. I had an insane amount of trouble making an appointment at one (they rescheduled me 3x before I gave up) and the other one I went to and wasn't happy with - the office was super dated, the dentist himself was a million years old and I just had a bad vibe. 2 of my friends are hygienists here and recommended it, so I switched.