Saturday, July 23, 2011

Party Prep

Seriously, how do you expect me to get anything done when this is happening?


But!  Lots of shower prep work to be done today.  Thank goodness my mom is back to help me.  My mom is superwoman.  We even managed to squeeze a little shopping in to our shower prep...

Katie and I love taking our Mom to Coldwater Creek and helping her pick out outfits, because I guess we both feel a little indebted for all those days when we dragged her into Abercrombie & Fitch or prom dress shopping and she had to stand there while we tried on 8 million things in the dressing room.  (Or worse, broke down in tears because NOTHING FIT WAH WAH WAH.)  But this time, something terrible happened in Coldwater Creek.  I started texting my sister pictures of clothes that I WAS TRYING ON.


And even worse?  She approved.  (Although she said I need to belt it.)

I would like to believe that Coldwater Creek has just gotten hipper.  Not whatever the opposite conclusion would be…

But look at this cute Chambray skirt!  (The top is from there too.)


My mom is probably appalled because what was her "safe" zone for shopping is no more.

The weekend passed by in a blur of pink poufts and melted white chocolate and glue funning, but everything was ready to go for Sunday afternoon!  I am quite certain I could not have done it without my momma there to help, and hopefully she had a teensy bit of fun hanging out with me as we went down my uber-OCD to do list (sorted by date, location and activity.  I’m painful.)





We are ready to party with baby 4c!

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