Thursday, July 28, 2011

Famous Last Words

Famous last words: I was talking to my Mom on Sunday and said something about how I was looking forward to my "low key do nothing weekend."

Sorta forgot about the fact that I was supposed to be part of a 4-family garage sale this weekend.  So there's that.

Spent my day off getting ready for it.  I know garage sales are a ton of work, but I really love them.  People say all the time they'd rather just take the stuff to Goodwill and donate it - which is what I do at the end of the sale - but I LOVE garage sales.  You don't really make wads of cash at them - in fact, most of the things I sell end up selling for 50 cents or $1.  But I just like seeing my stuff go home with someone who is excited about it.  I guess it's because I'm not really an impulse shopper, so almost everything I own I picked out with the intention of loving or using... (or was given to me by someone I care about with that same intention), and it's sort of reassuring to feel like something I once enjoyed will now bring someone else that same enjoyment.  I know, sort of silly.

But that's what makes spending your day off from work in a hot room (we hadn't had the a/c on in our spare guest room) pricing items for 50 cents totally worth it.


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