Sunday, April 21, 2013

Feather The Nest Baby Shower

When our friends Anne and Locke told us last fall that they were pregnant, we were so thrilled for them… and for the future playmate that Bo was going to have! It's been so fun having one of my best friends go through all the stages of pregnancy that I feel like I just left behind… and I have to say, Anne is one seriously cute pregnant lady.

It was a joy to throw her baby shower for her this weekend and help her get one step closer to welcoming her little boy. My friend Caroline and I had so much fun planning out the details of her "Feather the Nest" shower.

Anne had so many wonderful friends and family members show up to celebrate baby Glenn. We were even so lucky to be able to have one of our closest friends, Akanksha, who moved away at the end of her husband's residency fly in from St Louis to celebrate with us. Anne is the oldest of four sisters and this little boy will be the first grandbaby on both sides. I think it's safe to say he's going to spoiled and loved to pieces.

Hopefully this was just the start of all that spoiling…

IMG 4720

IMG 4721

IMG 4724

IMG 4726

IMG 4728

IMG 4729

IMG 4736

IMG 4745

IMG 4747

IMG 4748

IMG 4753

IMG 4751

IMG 4752


Anonymous said...

SUCH a cute baby shower! Also, I love how the chalk board has and Instagram hashtag on there! lol

Kelli said...

Such a cute shower, and that dining room is beautiful!!!!

Jamie said...

It was a fabulous event!

A Glenn said...

This was just the most darling baby shower I've ever been too :) Thanks for putting so much thought into a wonderful day!