Sunday, February 24, 2013

Arizona Snapshots

A few more photos from Arizona I wanted to archive, these coming from my phone.

First day: Running with Sister

IMG 2317

Playing in the pool with Dad

IMG 2334

My day out - Massage, mani and a coffee in the sunshine

IMG 2329

"Pool, mama?" (His concern! I love his furrowed brow.)

IMG 2325

His new smile: scrunched nose, gummy mouth.

IMG 2341

Brother and Bo

IMG 2342

How Do You Roll? Sushi - as seen on Shark Tank. (We watched that episode the same day we left and decided we had to try it. It was good!)

IMG 2356

Someone is having a sad. (But I am enjoying a rare snuggle.)

IMG 2389


IMG 2396

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