Saturday, August 4, 2012

Week One

IMG 2158

What a week! I truly do feel like we survived newborn bootcamp, just getting through the first week.
No one was getting any sleep for the first couple of days, except Bo when he was in someone's arms. It was such a reassurance to visit the pediatrician for the first time, who just so happens to be one of my very good friends. She reinforced the importance of the swaddle, asked me if I had a sleep sheep (I did! Thank you, Akanksha!) and reassured me the first month was all about sleep & survival, and if that meant swings, car seats or cuddles - go for it. Big difference. Not every nap/night is a good one, but those few that are are like hitting the reset button.

Having my mom here was absolutely invaluable. She cooked dinner every night and basically kept the household running - laundry, dishes, bottles - so I could have lots of time to get to know my little baby - or take a nap myself. It was extra helpful when Matt had to go back to work on Wednesday. We can't thank her enough. Bo rewarded with her with lots and lots of snuggles.

Bo also got to meet Zac & Jamie this week, Anne & Locke, Wino-Aunt Jessie and Aunt Katie & Uncle Dylan. He put on his best performance of "adorable snuggling baby" for each visitor.

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IMG 2189IMG 2085

Spuds is a little jealous, a little confused but generally okay with the fact that it seems like everybody is going to be home a lot and spending a lot of time sitting on the couch and napping. These happen to be his two favorite hobbies. I think he'll be just fine.

IMG 2219

I've never felt so all-consumed by something before. I'd say I'm generally someone with lots of varying interests and things to talk about, but at this moment it's all baby, all the time. It doesn't necessarily feel like a bad thing right now while he is so new and requires all-consuming attention just to get through the basic routine of eat, change, sleep, repeat. It just feels a little strange to be in such a bubble - it took me a few days to even realize the Olympics were on! 

I feel tired, happy, relieved and blessed to have a healthy baby, thankful for friends and family support, even more in love with my husband and in awe of the little person that has just joined our little family.

IMG 2181
All in just one week.


Bari said...

Love this post. You look great & Bo is adorable. Enjoy this time, it goes by so fast!

A Glenn said...

Like, like, like.


Ameyer said...

The sleep sheep was our saviour as well. Love the pic of you and Bo. Such a sweet mom and son moment.